28mm Human Clerics and Druids

The healers and hammers of RPGs. There are interesting examples from history. St. Columba of Ireland self exhiled from the islandafter starting a war over possesion of a book. He was a fighter, scholar and healer. Bishop Odo of Normandy brought his warclub to the fight at the Battle of Hastings. Druids are so little understood, RPG authors can do anything they want with them. The classic concept of Druids come from Julius Caesar and early medieval Irish scholars whowere not inclined to look upon them favorably. You could argue Merlin was more of a Druid than a Wizard and Radagast the Brown from the Lord of the Rings seems like a Druid dispitehis bizarre portrayal in The Hobbit movies. Shaman and Medicine men would probably be Druids.