About Us


Heekin Pewter is a small pewter studio in the Greater Cincinnati area.It is owned and operated by sculpter Kevin Heekin. Kevin grew up in Cincinnati and graduated from Xavier University with a degree in History. Kevin is largely a self-taught sculpter. Heekin Pewter was started in 1993 and was originally called Calhoun Street Pewter after the street the studio was on. When Kevin moved the operation to Northern Kentucky he changed the name to his own.








Kevin sculpts each figure out of epoxy-putty. He starts with a wire armature then applies the epoxy-putty and sculpts it using dentist tools.








When the figure is finished, (anywhere from a few days to a month later) Kevin makes a vulcanized rubber mold.
Molten pewter is poured into the mold to create a perfect casting.












The figure is then given an antique finish or Kevin hand-paints it. 


Some figures are historically accurate while others are from Kevin's imagination.
Heekin Pewter hopes you enjoy your pewter figures.